Hi! I’m Morgan VanDeCarr.

Pictured: me, extremely pleased with the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach in my hands

I am a senior in the EEOB program at Ohio State with a minor in Design. I really like plants! I became interested in our photosynthesizing friends while working at a local plant nursery for two years. I did about 2 months worth of field work in the western United States this summer collecting and observing pollinators for 8 different species of Penstemon. I hope to eventually go on to graduate school to get my Master’s degree in either Evolution and Ecology or Scientific Communication.

Pictured: me, holding on to a dead shrub for dear life lest I fall down a very sandy hill and into a highway while collecting Penstemon speciosus

I also have a number of other hobbies I indulge in such as photography, drawing, graphic design, playing video games, acquiring way too many house plants, hiking, and collecting skulls.

Pictured: My 2016 Birthday Skull. It’s from a female African Eland.